Our Mission
To assist ANY biker who has had an accident or is sick and needs help or a visit. Applying our best efforts to assist personally if in our own area or by locating someone who is available and able to help.

Who Are We?

We are Christians of different backgrounds and various motorcycle ministries, each with the desire and ability to minister to the needs of others.

We are the ministry which provides and maintains the Biker Down  / Rapid Response System which is an online system created separate from our ministry so that ANY patched member of any Christian M/M may be involved with us as an Approved, Volunteer, Visitation "Road Warrior".

How Does The Biker Down Rapid Response System Work?
Biker Down Ministry Staff and Volunteers are available to help others in need where ever we can. When there is an accident or illness that happens, we will pray with the injured and or their family. We will pay a visit in hospitals, rehab centers or in homes to help ANY biker whether a 1%er M/C member, a Riding Club member, M/M member or independent rider. We will try and locate assistance for the injured parties. In fatal cases, we can do the last rights if requested and council with all.

When someone decides they want to help serve as one of our volunteers, they first complete our Warrior Application, giving us the name of their home church and pastor's name and phone number, statement of faith and other qualifying information. We then do a simple sex offender background check, contact their pastor and then call and chat with them in order to get a feel of their intent. Once we are satisfied the applicant is on the up and up, we then activate their profile which is searchable in our system and makes the new "Road Warrior" available to the general public as AVAILABE in their area. Also we are attempting to create a smart phone app which will help with notifying the system and respective Road Warrior when a biker goes down and which hospital they are being carried to.

In addition to Road Warriors who actually pay visits, we also have a growing list of concerned Facebook members who pray as they see a post to our Facebook page here. Others register on the system itself as Prayer Partners and do their praying from the comfort of their own home as notifications of downed bikers come into the system.

We are here to introduce others to the love of Jesus where ever possible.

We have Christian volunteers from all over the country and from many different M/Ms and our list is growing. We just want to reach as many bikers (and others) as possible with the Gospel (good news).

There is a place for bikers in heaven! We are just a bunch of Christian bikers with a passion for serving Jesus. Our bikes are but tools carrying us as ambassadors for Christ everywhere we go. Bikers don't go to church much so, we try to take the church to them as much as possible.
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